Harper College
Student Dental & Vision Plans

Student Dental and Vision Plans for Academic Year 2019/2020

Harper College, is committed to your overall well being, which includes making sure your mouth and eyes are healthy.  In partnership with Delta Dental of Illinois we are pleased to offer dental and vision insurance specifically designed with students and their families in mind.     

Did you know?

 I don't wear contacts or glasses.  Why do I need vison insurance?


How do I enroll?

It is important to enroll during one of the open enrollment periods listed above.  However, under certain circumstances, students may enroll outside of the open enrollment dates.  Please refer to our F.A.Q page for more information.

Enrollment Support

The enrollment process is administered by Benefit Partners Group.  Our dedicated student support team is available between 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday to answer any enrollment questions.  Please contact us at (877) 247-8817.

benefit SUPPORT

If you are already enrolled, and have questions about a claim payment or other benefit related concerns, please call the Delta Dental customer service team at (800) 323-1743, or email them at CSI@deltadentalil.com.